About Us

Inspired by the local area’s natural beauty and a love of community and fitness we are very proud to present Run Layer 5. This will be the second year of this very special running event organised by the community and for the community. Run Layer 5 is be presented by a committee of 5 dedicated individuals local to the village who are all committing their time and resources to create this wonderful event for the good of their much loved village. All proceeds of Run Layer 5 will be shared between local amenities such as the school and preschool to better our community for all.

Meet the committee (from left to right) Steve, Rachel, Gary, Craig and Charlie. All local running enthusiasts with a passion for the good of their community.

The course will be a 5 mile multi-terrain route with stunning countryside views of the local area and a 1 mile route for children. We will also be striving to showcase our wonderful village community spirit and give everyone who comes to the event a warm Layer welcome!

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